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Blog posts by Dan Cleaton

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Upcoming Stable Release - What To Look Out For
Posted by Dan Cleaton on 27 March 2015

Moving from Stable 1.4.1474 to 1.4.1567 We will shortly be updating the version we have set to t... More »

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Studio Releases Now Include Early Access – What Does It Mean For You?
Posted by Dan Cleaton on 7 February 2014

Version: GameMaker: Studio As we move towards the release of GameMaker: Studio 1.3 we want to g... More »

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Updating GameMaker: Studio - Stable Vs Beta
Posted by Dan Cleaton on 14 June 2013

So, you've just installed GameMaker: Studio and you go to run it for the first time, and it asks ... More »

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Forthcoming Changes to the Bug Submission Procedure
Posted by Dan Cleaton on 3 May 2013

Hello, everyone, Dan here. I’m one of the Core QA guys and you’ve probably seen my name on Mant... More »

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