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New YoYo Website launch

Posted on 1 July 2011

We are still on target for launching the new site! Our current customers/visitors come to the site for different reasons but through Google Analytics we have broken down what these are. The site should hopefully demonstrate a cleaner landing page and easier navigation to where to go next.

What this means for you? Well, as regular community members this means better engagement with the content; regular up to date news, easily found (and up to date) resources, a simple purchase process, place to upload, play and review games, publishing your games and better social networking.

For first time visitors, the landing page should clearly show what we are about, provide enough interest to find out more, showcase successful games and reflect GameMaker better.

Post-launch, the site will continuously be tweaked, improved, broadened without becoming an overload of information. There are still a number of features to be implemented on the site (we just couldn’t complete in time for launch and didn’t want to hold it up). Our focus thereafter in this area next falls to the Forums and previous website. Nothing major to worry about, just tidying up and fixing known issues. We’ll keep you in the loop of that going forward.

We need to give you a heads up on the (free only) upgrade to GameMaker Standard 8.1 process. When we launch the new YoYo Website, this will be temporarily suspended to allow the new purchase process to be integrated more smoothly. Most have upgraded already so for those who did intend but never got around to it… please do so now! This doesn’t affect anyone upgrading through purchase, just the free upgrades. We do advise if you want the latest version, then get Standard 8.1 and avoid any possible upgrading difficulties altogether.

It’s worth mentioning that this Glog is about to become no more! We have created a new newsfeed on the new website and all updates will be hosted there. Comments are disabled, so any discussions will have to be taken to the forum instead. We will still keep the old Glog posts here for historical reference.

Large thanks and gratitude go to Trollsplatterer, SEC, Fred Fredrickson, Uriel Griffin, Mark Overmars and YoYo Andrew for their observations and generous contributions to the new site! Last but NOT least to YoYo Team champs Lee, Paul and Geoff for whom the major credit goes to for all the hard work, stress and Red Bull consumption :) The site will be ready to go live next week...

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