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Blog Archive for July 2015

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Marketing, The Final Frontier
Posted by Mark Alexander on 31 July 2015

It's well known that marketing is important. In fact, if you were to ask any successful dev how t... More »

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Is There Life Outside Of Google Play?
Posted by Mark Alexander on 24 July 2015

Many people who use GameMaker: Studio to make mobile games start out with the Android module due ... More »

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Maddening Overload - Multiplayer now available!
Posted by Gavin Smart on 6 July 2015

    Maddening Overload is available now on PlayStation®4 and with our new multiplayer update, y... More »

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Flox: Creating a Backend for GameMaker (Pt.3)
Posted by Mark Alexander on 3 July 2015

This weeks Friday tech blog is the third (and final) tech blog written by our guest writer Ryan L... More »

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