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Chris Bicknese


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This is a demo for the upcoming game Cathedral Sunshine. Cathedral Sunshine is a side-scrolling Action-RPG in which you explore a grand cathedral. It has an in-depth action combat system in which you can use various attacks to either deplete the enemy's stamina causing them to stagger, or go for the kill by depleting their health. Playing recklessly will get you killed very quickly though, so it is very important to read the enemy's attacks and dodge them. You can also find equipment that will help you develop different strategies in battle. Beat the boss and you will receive a special piece of equipment.

The game is still in very early development, so your feedback is very important! Please comment your thoughts and any suggestions that you have. Enjoy!

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Age Rating: 12+

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Anonymous 17 December 2016

surprisingly fun

looking at the screenshots i was expecting this game to be utterly terrible in every aspect it could be, but once i started playing i was caught off gaurd on how fun it actually was. its not the most fun game ive played or anything and i cant give it praise for much, but it is a lot better than i was expecting, its really cool to "roll" (its not really rolling as much as sliding, and it looks like im trying to be a crab) around and spam enemies, until you realise youre out of stamina and get licked.

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