Still in Alpha Development

Inspired by Dungeon Souls. You are a hired hand of the greatest caliber, your task, destroy the lich at the end of the dungeon, You have the options of choosing

All game art is still in development and may change with time along with story and pretty much everything else.

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Changes in 1.0.5

added shrines and other misc things.

Age Rating: 9+

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Anonymous 17 December 2016

You're doing great!

From what I've seen of this game so far I think it's great! But, it still needs some finishing touches, I think an inventory screen and some special attacks would be great. But other than that, keep up the good work!

This review was left for a previous version of this game.


Jarrod M 03 December 2016

A nice paced Hack and Slash rouge lite dungeon

The game was very responsive and well adjusted to detail, the inventory system is simple yet effective and overall works fine, the enemies are very easy to kill but your character is just as easy to kill if you don't pay attention, the traps on the floor are a nice touch but the dungeon still feels empty, as this is in alpha I have no doubt I would like the full game, the menu system is decent and easy to use and the sounds are okay I would suggest background music and more options in your options menu.

To sum it up I believe this game has potential and charm, it reminds me of dungeon souls quite a bit and I love that game.

This review was left for a previous version of this game.

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