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A rerelease of a small 5 day project I made in 2013 for friends and family. The game is short, sweet, and includes quite a bit of content for its simple premise: collect the required items and head for the exit.

But beware- ghouls, monsters, and residents of the night lurk behind every corner!

Controls: Arrow Keys move the player. Hold Shift to run. Spacebar pauses. Holding Tab shows how many items are still in the current room (separated between The Town and The Forest)

Gameplay: Explore the open area from ghost towns to toxic swamps to haunted cemeteries finding all of the items required to complete your scavenger hunt. Once you've collected enough of a certain item, it will be highlighted with a green check mark; or, if you're a bit more ambitious, collect ALL of the item for a gold star! Beware of monsters and spooks of all different forms that will chase and attack you. All you can do is outrun and outmaneuver, so tread lightly!

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Age Rating: 9+

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