This is a tower defense about aliens trying to take over the world, its still in the making and right now, not very difficult, you start off with 1000 gold just so I can see what you guys like and dislike about it, once you reach a certain wave, the enemy AI will start mutating the enemies who are sent out, giving them, shields, health, or a damage boost

theres still quiet a few glitches, and bugs that I need to sort out as well

these are not my tilesets, heres where I got the tiles:

the tower images are just temps, they will be updated, along with a bunch of other things including new music, better mixing and mastering to make it sound better in game and much more,

some controls:

level choosing: right key only

Commands: this is when you press space bar "change color" - changes the color of the panels and a couple of other things in game by RGB of your choice (number values only) "task" - lets you know what your friendly AI is doing and thinking...only active when you click "ISO vs AI" in the menu option in game

"change panel alpha" - changes the panels alpha (a value 0-1)

New Update:

  • known glitches - Lose money when buying orbit, selling towers = game crashes, gold before round start, gold cant be placed when grid is on, (possible negative lives)

  • fixed glitches - Game Crashes at round 30, Orbit doesnt show radius when buying, Error occurs when buying moon for orbit, ISO FPS deleting all glitch, Health Bar Glitch,

  • adding - New upgrades, New towers, New maps, New enemies, New enemy towers, Easter Egg, records function, medals function, Turotial function,

  • added - more options function, Venge tower, Soft Range, Warp (Enemy), 2 enemy towers, start button, new music,

  • updating - Entire I.S.O system

  • updated - FPS boosting system

  • Completed -

The enemy AI is now able to place down enemy turrents!!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 9+

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