Dragonfly Dreams is a shooter type game with a primary insect theme.

The story is about a young dragonfly who feels he has hidden potential. He is tired of being food for other animals. He often dreams about how things would change if he had special powers. One day he decides to finally take action. Some enemies he will face are the evil frog knight, a dangerous kraken, a swamp monster, mummies, and of course...other bugs. His friends will sometimes make an appearance to help him out. During his quest he unlocks ancient DNA that gives him special powers. His evolution will give new meaning to the name "dragon"fly.

This is the full version of the game and contains: * Water, Desert, Beehive, and Poisonous Swamp levels. * Collectible coins which are used to purchase upgrades from the Pixie Shop. * 3 Hidden levels with upgrades as prizes. Only one of these upgrades can be gained an alternate way.

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move the main character in 4 directions. The ship can only go left and right. Use space bar to fire/shoot. This button can be held for repeat shots. Press the P key to pause/unpause. Use the left mouse button to click on items in certain rooms, like the Pixie Shop. Hold the Alt key and press Enter to enable/disable full screen.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 9+

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